Sports Betting

Sport betting bonuses

Sport betting bonuses

Most sports books give you a bonus when you first open an account and start placing bets with them. These bonuses are usually a lot smaller then casino bonuses. The reason for this is that sports betting is a skill based game, casino games are luck based games. A casino can formulate the terms and conditions of their bonus to make it very likely that you will lose your bonus before you have met the wagering requirements. The can make sure that they, on average, make money on every bonus they pay out. A sports book cannot do this because they do not have a guaranteed edge.

Below we are going to look at some common types of sports betting bonus.

Free Bet

One of the most common types of bonuses you get when registering with a sports book is the free bet. The free bet is usually worth less than USD50 but some sports books offer larger free bets. The free bet can usually be made on any event but you have to place the entire bet on one game. You can not divide the free bet to make several smaller bets. If you lose then the bet is lost. If you win then the money you won is considered bonus money and you usually have to meet a wagering requirement before you can withdraw your winnings.

Risk-free bet

A risk-free bet is similar to a free bet but it is not the same thing. A risk-free bet means that you get your money back if you lose your first bet but you do not get more money to use to bet. When you get a free bet you can place that bet and use the money you deposit to make a second bet (or several smaller bets). This is not possible if you get a risk-free bet. Risk-free bets never cost the sports book anything because you only get it if you already lost the money you get to them in the first place. Learn more about types of gambling.

A free bet is more valuable than a risk-free bet.

Matching bonus

A matching bonus is a bonus you get when you make your first deposit. Matching bonuses are common among online casinos but only a few sportsbooks offer this type of bonus. The size of the bonus you get is in direct proportion to how much money you deposit to your account. The amount you receive is often provided as a percentage. A welcome bonus of this type might be worth 100% up to USD500. This means that you get a bonus that is the same size as the deposit you make and the largest amount you can receive as a bonus is USD500. To receive the maximum bonus you need to deposit USD 500. 100% of USD500 is USD 500.

There is always a wagering requirement associated with this type of bonus. This bonus is worth more money than other types of bonuses but is also associated with a lot more terms and conditions that you need to fulfill before you can withdraw your money. Also checkout about interactive gambling by visiting

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots are jackpots that keep growing until someone wins them. Whenever someone wins the jackpot it is reset to its starting value and will start growing again until some one wins it again. The largest win available in most casinos is a progressive jackpot. The odds of winning these jackpots are often very small which allows them to grow very large before someone wins them.

An example

Carribean stud poker is a common game with a progressive jackpot like axie infinity. The odds of receiving a Royal flush and winning the jackpot is a mere 1 in 649,740. If it cost USD1 to play the bonus game and get the chance to win the progressive jackpot then we would expect the jackpot to grow to at least USD 649,740 before someone wins it. A royal flush will hower not appear once in 649,740 hands. A royal flush might appear 3 times in a 100 hands and then not appear again for another 10 000 000 hands. 1 in 649,740 is merely the average frequency of royal flush over billions of hands. This often allows the jackpot to grow a lot larger than USD 649,740 and it can often be worth several millions. Slot machines might have progressive jackpots worth tens of millions.

How to win

Some games give you the chance to win the progressive jackpot whenever you are playing them. This is often that case with slot machines. Observe that you might have to bet max bet to be able to win the large progressive jackpot.

Other games require you to place a certain side bet to be able to win the jackpot. If you do not place the sidebet then you can not win the jackpot. This is the case when you play earlier mentioned Carribean stud poker.

Exactly how you win the jackpot varies from game to game.

Pooled progressive jackpots

Pooled progressive jackpots are jackpots that are fed by several different tables,  slot machines or casinos. This can include all the casinos in a certain chain of casinos or all casinos that offer a certain game. Pooled casino bonuses can often grow a lot larger than jackpots that are unique to a single casino. The reason that they grow quicker and larger is that more people contribute to the bonus. Some of the largest bonuses ever won has been pooled jackpots. Pooled jackpots can be found in both online casinos and regular casinos.

Online Jackpots

Online jackpots can be unique to a single slot machine, unique to the casino in question or pooled between all casinos that offer the game in question. Some online jackpots can grow very large. Mega fortune from NetEntertainment has paid out jackpots worth more than USD 15 million. The jackpots regularly reach USD 5 million or more. Other slot machines with large jackpots include Mega Fortune dreams, Hall of Gods, Arabian nights and Mega Moolah. There are many other slots that regularly pay out USD 1 million or more.

You should choose a casino that offers games from NetEntertainment and Microgaming if you want to be able to win the largest jackpots.

Online casino

Online casino

Everyone knows that the house always wins. Yet most of us keep playing casino games even though we know that we are likely to lose money. Why is this? Is it because of the small chance to win money? Is it because we are stupid?

To me, the answer to the question of why we gamble is an easy one. It is because gambling is fun. Playing roulette, blackjack and different casino games is fun. Because it is fun to play we are willing to pay for the pleasure to play. We think the enjoyment we get is worth the money we lose. The fact that we have a small chance to win the jackpot doesn’t hurt either. But it is not the main reason that most people chose to gamble. Learn about Axie infinity on

This is true for online gambling and regular gambling.

Online casinos

If you live in Europe, then you will have access to a large selection of different online casinos that offer you the opportunity to play different casino games online. If you live in other parts of the world you will still be able to gamble in online casinos but the selection of different casinos to choose from might be smaller. Always spend some time researching different casinos and what they can offer before you decide which casino to play in.

Online casino

Below you will find what I consider to be the best online casinos:

Leo Vegas

LeoVegas is a Swedish online casino that offers gambling in a long row of different European countries including the UK and the Scandinavian countries. The casino primarily focuses on mobile gaming but also offers an excellent online casino. They offer a very good selection of different games. They co-operate with Net Entertainment and several other game developers. LeoVegas offer very good customer service and fast withdrawals. Leo Vegas recently started offering sports betting. LeoVegas is my favorite casino and the one I usually gamble in.


Casumo is not an online casino, it is a casino adventure. Well, at least if we are to believe the marketing team at Casumo. What this means is that the entire casino is one big game in which you can choose to play different casino games. Every time you play a casino game, you will gain experience and win awards. The more you play the more experience points and awards you will get. The experience points will level up your avatar within the game. The awards will give you free spins and other bonuses. The idea behind Casumo is fun and well executed. It makes the casino very different from almost all other casinos.

The Casumo casino adventure offers a small selection of excellent games from NetEntertainment. The casino offers a large variety of different bonuses you can choose between when you register with Casumo.

Online casino

Casino Saga

Casino saga is similar to Casumo in many ways. Saga Casino is another casino where the entire casino is one big game. This casino is designed very differently from Casumo. The casino offers state of the art graphics and boss battles that you can play once you have gambled enough to unlock them. Both Casumo and Saga are built based on the same idea, but they are very different from each other. These two casinos are the only ones I know of that is built to turn the entire casino experience into one gaming experience.

Casino Saga is a very fun casino to play in.


Vera&John is a good online casino that is becoming ever more popular. The casino offers a large selection of games. The casino is beloved by the gamblers who play in the casino and has one of the highest player satisfaction rates I have ever seen. It is very rare that you see someone who has had a bad experience with Vera&John casino. This is largely due to their very good customer service and their fast withdrawals.

I have not played all that much in this casino but what I have seen so far is very good.

Casino Bonuses

Most online casinos offer welcome bonuses to new customers. These bonuses can be rather small or very large. A small percentage of all casinos do not offer any bonus at all. All casino bonuses are designed to entice you to choose their casino.

A bonus might seem like a good way to get free money, but there is a lot you should know about casino bonuses before you accept one. You can read more about casino bonuses in our guide here.

Focus on one sport

Focus on one sport

As a sports bettor, you should always strive to focus your betting as much as possible. I recommend that you only bet on one single sport and preferable only on games in one particular league. You can choose two sports or two leagues if they are played at different times of the year. You should never bet on more than one sport or league at the time.

Why you should focus one sport

The reason you should focus on one sport is straightforward. It increases your chances of being successful. It increases your chances of winning money. You might think you have a better chance of winning money the more bets you place, the more sports you bet on. This is simply not true. Most losing punters are placing too many, not too few bets. Your goal should always be to place the right bets, not as many bets as possible. An essential part of becoming a successful sports bettor is to learn the discipline required to place fewer bets. To only place the bets that provide you with a lot of value, that provide you with good odds of winning money.

Focus on one sport

What do I mean by this?

Let us look at a few examples:

You feel that there is a 75% chance that Liverpool will win their next game games against Blackburn. The sports book gives you a 1.20 return if you bet on Liverpool as the winner. Ie you win USD120 if you bet USD100 and Liverpool wins. Liverpool seems very likely to win this game, and it is easy to get tempted into this bet. But the truth is that this bet offers you a negative implied value and it should never be placed. This bet will lose you money over time. You will earn a 20% return every time Liverpool wins, but you will lose your entire bet when Liverpool loses. Liverpool has a 75% chance of winning which tells us that they, on average, will lose one game out of 4. After four games you will have won USD60 on the tree games Liverpool won and lost USD100 on the game they lost. Overall you are down USD 40. Each bet you place have an implied negative value of USD 10. You should not make this bet.

Now let us assume that you in the same game would get the odds of 4.25 if Blackburn wins. The odds imply that the sports book think that odds of Blackburn winning is a lot lower than the 25% you calculate it to be. If you make this bet you are likely to lose. You will only win it one time in four. This bet does, however, offer you positive value and you should consider making this bet despite the fact that you are likely to lose the bet. Why, because you will earn money over time making this bet. Over the same four games as earlier Liverpool will win 3 games and you will lose USD300. Blackburn will win the forth game and this win will net you USD 425. USD425 is more than the USD400 you have bet in total. You have made USD25. Each bet you place have an implied positive value of 6.25%. This is enough for you to make a profit. A higher implied value is even better.

Calculating implied value

To be able to spot games that offer a positive implied value you have to be able to make your own calculations as to how likely each outcome is for a certain game. You then place the likely hood of each outcome in relation to the odds offered by the sportsbook to find bets that provide you with a positive value high enough to make it worth placing the bet. How high the positive value has to be for the bet to be worth making is up to you to decide. The higher the implied positive value you require to make a bet the lower the risk you will take.

To be able to calculate the odds of each outcome for each game you need to know a lot about the sport. The more you know about the sport and league in question the more precise predictions you can make and the more successful you can become. A successful sports bettor is a sports bettor that knows more than the people setting the odds.

Focus on one sport

Keeping up to date with all the news and making sure that you know more than the sportsbook takes a lot of time. This is why you should focus your efforts as much as possible. It is almost impossible to be an expert on all sports. This is especially true if you have a regular job outside of sports betting. In this case, it is almost impossible to know everything that happens in the world of sport. It can often be too hard to know all that happens within one sport. Your goal should, therefore, be to focus on one small part of the sport in question, one league. This allows you to make sure that you know enough to make money. To make sure that you know more than the people setting the odds for the sportsbook.

Keep in mind that the information that you can read in the sports section of your news paper is available to everyone. The sportsbook is going to know this info when they set their odds. Your goal should be to make sure that you know information that isn’t publicly known. Information to obscure for most people to know about it. Read the forums devoted to the teams, read fan newsletters and the teams official websites, the player’s twitter, etc. Make sure that no information, rumor or gossip pass you by. This is the information that gives you an edge and allows you to make money. Making sure that you stay up to date with all this information is a lot of work and you will not be able to do so unless you focus your efforts as much as possible.

You often hear that knowledge is power, well in sports betting knowledge is money, and you should only bet on games where you know everything.

Should you accept a casino bonus?

Should you accept a casino bonus?

You do not have to accept a casino bonus when you start playing in an online casino. You can choose not to get a bonus and hence not be bound by the bonuses terms and conditions.

Most individuals who sign up for an online casino is attracted by the bonus. They think that the bonus is a great way to get more money to play for and might even choose the casino that gives them the largest  bonus. While I do not recommend doing this I understand why a large casino bonus can be very alluring and why some people want a big bonus. The fact is that a big bonus can be a great thing. It gives you more money to gamble for. But it is not a good thing for everyone. There are a number of reasons why you might not want to accept a bonus.

Whenever you accept a casino bonus you also accept the terms and conditions that are associated with the bonus. The terms and conditions set a number of rules and regulation that you have to adhere to until you have met the bonus requirements set out in the term and conditions. If you violate the terms and condition you might lose your account and all money in that account.

The only type of bonus you can accept without worrying about the terms and conditions is the no deposit bonus. A no deposit bonus is safe to accept as long as you do not deposit money afterwards. If you want to deposit money (or withdraw money you won using your no deposit bonus) then you need to reed the terms and conditions first.

Common rules included in the terms and conditions include:

Wager requirements

Almost all casino bonuses are tied to a wager requirement. A minimum amount of money that you need to bet before you have fulfilled the requirements for the bonus. You can usually not withdraw any money from your account before you fulfilled the requirement. You can read more about wager requirements on our bonus page.

The gamble requirement can force you to gamble more than you would want.

Which games you can play

You are usually allowed to play any game you want from the second you register in a casino. The terms and conditions can, however, include rules that exclude some games from counting towards the wagering requirement. It does not matter how much you play these games. You can never meet the requirement. These rules can force you to play games you do not want to play to be able to meet the wagering requirement and withdraw your money.

Bet size

Many casinos include rules for how much money you allowed to bet on a single hand/spin until you have met the wagering requirement. You are not allowed to bet more than a certain percentage of your deposit on any single round. If you bet more than that percentage they might close your account and seize your money. This is true even if you only made one single spin with a larger than allowed bet. Reputable casinos will usually understand that mistakes can happen but less honest casinos can use this as an excuse to keep your money.

Time limits

There might be a time limit on how quickly you need to fulfil the wagering requirement. This rules can force you to gamble more than you would like.


Accepting a bonus can restrict your freedom and put you in a position when you can not stop playing if you want to be able to withdraw your money. It can also restrict what games you can play and how much you can bet. All of this can have a negative effect on your experience. This is especially true in cases where you are forced to gamble more and for longer than you would want. This can increase the risk of gambling addiction.

If you want to register in a casino to play for fun and expect to lose all your money then it can be a good idea to accept a bonus. It gives you more fun for your money. If you accept a bonus you should never deposit more money than you feel that you can lose as a part of your entertainment budget. Do not deposit extra money into your account to get a large bonus thinking you will withdraw it later. Odds are that you will lose it before you met the wagering requirements.

If you are uncertain if you like casino gambling or if you want to play games that are often excluded from the bonus wager requirement (blackjack and roulette) then you should never accept a bonus. The same is true if you want to be able to withdraw the money whenever you want.

Accepting a bonus give less reputable casinos a long row of reasons to close your account and keep your money. By not accepting a bonus you make this a lot harder.

Spread betting

Spread betting

Spread betting is considered gambling by some and trading by others. Regardless of what you call it is a high-risk way to speculate on financial markets.

Spread betting online

There are a lot of great spread betting platforms available online where you can do spread betting, so there is no need to settle for one that isn’t great and doesn’t suit your needs and preferences. Putting some effort into choosing a spread betting broker carefully is something I strongly recommend, because it can have a huge impact on the future success of your project.

Also, before you sign up with any platform, inform yourself about spread-betting and create a thought out a basic strategy for your project. You will most likely need to adjust this strategy as you gain more experience, but it is still a good idea to have some sort of plan in place before you start, e.g. which markets to focus on, how much to risk, how to diversify, etc.

With a basic strategy in pace, it will be easier for you to select a broker that fits that specific strategy, e.g. when it comes to the size of your bets and which things to bet on.

Choosing a trading platform (broker) for spread betting online

It is easy to get obsessed with finding the broker who offers the biggest possible sign-up bonus, but that is usually a very poor way of choosing, and in the long run, other features will be much more important for your bankroll and your trading experience.

Here are a few examples of things to look out for when choosing a broker for spread betting:

  • The trading platform. Is it easy to use and understand? Does it run smoothly on your computer and with your internet connection, or does it seem to be way too heavy and/or riddled with bugs?
  • The costs associated with trading. What will you pay to use this platform for spread betting? Is the pricing model suitable for your style of spread betting?
  • How competitive are the spreads compared to other brokers?
  • Does it offer spread betting on the markets / underlying that you are interested in?
  • What’s the minimum deposit requirement?
  • How small/big bets can you do?
  • If you plan on margin trading/leverage, what are the rules and conditions for that?
  • Are automatic stops and similar safety precautions available?
  • Before signing up with any broker, get in touch with the customer service to see how they treat you. Also, can you connect with the customer service through your preferred method? If you prefer to use live chat and they require you to you make an expensive phone call abroad instead, you will not be happy in the long run.
  • Who owns the platform, where is the company based and which jurisdiction(s) are applicable? Is it properly licensed?
  • Does the broker have a generally good reputation among other traders online?
  • Is customer-owned money kept separate from company assets? (This is hugely important in the event of a bankruptcy filing or similar.)
  • What resources are they offering you when it comes to tools, charts, news feed, etc?
  • Which transaction methods are available for deposits and which one for withdrawals?

Try out the platform using play-money first

Before you start risking your hard-earned cash, try out the platform with play-money. Most platforms offer this feature. It is a great way of becoming more familiar with the platform and learn how it works, and it can save you from making costly mistakes.

Choosing a sports book

Choosing a sports book

Choosing the right sports book can have a significant impact on your chances to win money. This is especially true if you want to bet on a less popular sports or leagues. (Something I strongly recommend) Different sports book will offer a different selection of sports and games to bet on. They will also provide different odds. The odds on the same game at different brokers are often similar but not the same. There is usually a 0.10 -0.20 difference or more. This might not sound like much but it makes a huge difference in the long run. Placing a bet with a 0.05 higher odds makes it a lot easier to make money as a punter. A small difference in odds allows you to increase how much you win without affecting how much you lose. It is a net positive that allows you to make money with a lower success rate. Click here to get about legalize sports betting.

It is very important to always place your bet in whichever sportsbook offer you the best odds.

Where to find the best odds

Now you might be asking yourself. How do I find the sportsbook that offers the best odds? The simple answer to this question is that you cant. There is no sportsbook that always offers better odds than other sportsbooks. One sportsbook will provide the best odds for one bet while another will provide the best odds for another bet.

Register with many sports books

If you want to maximize your chances to earn money, you should not be looking for the best sports book. You should not be looking to register with one sports book. You should be looking to register with several of them. The more the better. By registering with a lot of different sports books you can make sure to place every bet where you get the best odds. Where you have the best chance of making money.

The drawback to being registered with several sports books is that you need to keep funds available in different accounts. This limits the amount you can have available in any single account. You should never make any bet that is larger than 2% of your bankroll anyway so this should not be a big problem. It is possible to move the money between different sports books to where you need it, but I do not recommend this technique because it is a lot of work and withdraws can be slow. It is better to always keep money available in the account of each sports book you use.

I recommend that you start by registering with 3 or 4 leading sports books such as William Hill, Bwin, BetSafe, Betway or Ladbrokes. You can then gradually register with more sports books as your bankroll grow.

Where to place each bet

Your goal should be to place each bet where you get the best odds. To be able to do this you need to check the odds on each of the sports books you use before every bet. This requires some extra work but is worth doing none the less. There are numerous different odds comparison websites online where you can compare the odds for a particular game. This makes it easy to place the bet where you get the best odds. It also makes it easy to find new sports books that offer good odds for the events you want to bet on. Never be afraid to register with a new sports book to get better odds on the events you want to bet on.

Only use trusted regulated sportsbook

You should never register, deposit money or place bets with a sports book unless that sports book is regulated and licensed by a well regarded licensing body. The odds of getting scammed is very high if you decide to use a none regulated sports book.

Bonus arbitrage

Bonus arbitrage

Bonus arbitrage is a method used to earn money by abusing the bonus many sports books offer new players. Bonus arbitrage is a way to circumvent the betting requirement and allow you to withdraw the money you received as a bonus.

I do not recommend that you use this technique. It is a against the terms of service of the sports books, and you will get banned if they catch you doing this. Any money that you have deposited to your account will be forfeited if they ban you. This techniques is very dishonest and tries to rig the system by playing the different sports books against each other. Please note that several sports books have the same owner and could therefore easily discover what you are doing by cross-referencing their data.

The only reason that I am talking about bonus arbitrage and how it works is that fraudulent individuals are selling this information online. Sometimes at very high prices. I am providing this information for free to make it harder for these scammers to charge for this information.

What do you need

To be able to perform bonus arbitrage you are going to need a decent sized bankroll. Large enough to be able to claim a free bet with a large number of sports books. It is possible to do it with less money but doing so will take a lot more time since you will need to transfer money to and from sports books. You can only use this technique once which each sports book.

You will need to locate a number of sports books that offer a free bet. Arbitrage can be done with 2-4-8-18-32-64 sport books. The more sports books you include, the more money you can earn. You can usually earn USD 25-50 for each sports book included in the arbitrage.

Make sure that you can withdraw your deposit if you lose your free bet. This is often, but not always possible. The free bet is usually considered a bonus if you win the free bet. If you lose then the money in your account is usually consider your money and can be withdrawn. Get to know more about gambling activities which take place on broadcasting, data casting and online platforms by visiting

Do not try this technique in sportsbooks that do not allow you to withdraw your money if you lose your free bet. If you are not allowed to withdraw your original deposit, then this will not work.

How to do it

Once you have registered with different sportsbooks and claimed your free bet you pair the different sportsbook in a betting bracket. You then place the opposite bet in different sportsbooks using your free bet so that you win in one sportsbook and lose in another. Skillfully choosing the game to bet on should allow you to retain 90% or more of the free bet value. The sports books with the losing bets have served their purpose, and you can withdraw your money from these brokers. In the remaining sportsbooks, you will have winning bets. The winnings are considered a bonus and need to be wagered a certain amount of times before you can withdraw your money. To solve this problem, you repeat the process of placing opposite bets in different sportsbooks until you only have one sportsbook left where you should have a large sum of money you have won and for which you have met the wager requirements so that you can withdraw the money. (always double check this before you try to withdraw your money.

Doesn’t the sports books get what they deserve?

I sometimes get told that you should use this technique because the sports books deserve to get scammed. They rig the game to make sure they win your money. There might be some truth to this if sports betting was a luck game, like a casino. But the truth is that sports books offer a service that allows you to win money by being a skilled punter. The game is not rigged to guarantee that the sports book wins money.

Most people do not take the time to learn how to make money betting on sport. But that is not the sports books fault. The sports book offers a service where you can make money if you are skilled. They just bank on the fact that most sports bettors aren’t skilled. They offer you a fair chance to win. It is the people who bet without doing their research that deserve to lose. Not the sports book that gives you a fair chance to win. Since they offer us a fair chance to win, we should try to win fairly without resorting to this type of schemes.

Which events to bet on

Which events to bet on

Which sports you chose to bet on will affect your chance of winning money. There is no given answer to the question of which sport you should choose to focus on to maximize your chance of winning money. Which sport that is best will depend on your personal knowledge and interests as well as the gambling opportunities provided by the Sports books. You need to bet on a sport that you know a lot about and that the sports books are taking bets on. You might be an expert on a small local sport but that does not matter if there are no sports books taking bets on that sport.

Most popular sports to bet on

Association football (Soccer)

The most popular sport to bet on is football. In the united states, the most popular sport is American football, globally the most popular sport is association football, in the US better known as soccer. Soccer is the by far most popular sport in the world to bet on. It completely dominates the betting markets in Europe and South America. It is popular almost every where but the US.

Most sports book offer a huge selection of soccer games to bet on every day. They offer you to bet on the top leagues as well as lower leagues.

The popularity of soccer means that you will never have to worry about finding games to bet on. The drawback of betting on soccer is that it is so popular. The sports book spend a lot of time and effort to make sure they set the odds correctly, and it can be hard to find games that offer good value. You will need to spend a lot of time researching soccer to be able to make any money. Checkout about licensed businesses that offer gambling on

A way around this can be to bet on games in the lower leagues. These are less popular and it can be easier to find bets that offer good value. Being an expert on a lower tier league can be done without spending all your time researching soccer.


It might sound surprising but Tennis has become a very popular sport to bet on. It is the second most popular sport in the Uk and parts of Europe. I do not recommend that you specialize in betting on tennis. The number of events that are played are limited, and the odds are usually well researched which makes it hard to make money.

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is another very popular sport. Most sports books offer betting on NHL as well as all the major leagues in Europe. Many also offer a selection of games from lower-tier leagues. Betting on Ice hockey comes with the same drawbacks and opportunities as betting on soccer.

Choosing a sport to bet on

The number one thing you should consider when picking which sport to bet on is which sport you are interested in. A burning love for the sport you bet on is required to become a successful sports bettor. It is very hard to become successfully if you do not like the sport. It is hard to obsess over every little detail if you do not find it interesting. You should therefore always bet on the sport that you like best. Provided that there are sports books offering you to bet on that game. If not you should focus on your second favorite sport.

The second think you should think about when you are deciding which events to bet on is if you have a favorite team. If you have a team you consider to be your team. This might cause you to be biased in their games and make bets that you otherwise would not do. I, therefore, recommend that you refrain from placing bets on games that include your favorite team. I, personally, prefer to never bet on the league my favorite team plays in.

Is the sport and league you have chosen to bet on popular? If so this can be both a benefit and a drawback. I personally consider it to be a drawback. The advantage is that you will find a lot of games to bet on. The drawback of betting on popular sports, on popular leagues is that a lot of other people do the same. This means that the sports books will have a lot of money riding on each game. The sports book will therefore spend a lot of resources to make sure that they set the right odds for these sports. To make sure that they set odds that will make them money. This makes it hard to find odds that offer you good value as a gambler. Once in a while, you will see an odds that is set poorly but most of the time the odds will be well set which makes it harder to make money. I personally prefer to bet on less popular sports and leagues as the sports books pay less attention to them and pay less attention to how they set the odds. It is easier to find value in less popular sports. I personally recommend that you focus on a less popular sport or a lower league of a popular sport.