Sports betting

Sports betting is a game of skill. It is not a game of luck. This is an important difference. You can never beat a game of luck. The house will always win because the games are mathematically created to always favor the house. Give the house an edge, an advantage. This is not the case in regards to games of skill. A game of skill allows a skilled player to win money over time. It is possible to make a living being a professional gambler of you play a skill-based game such as poker or sports betting. It is not possible to be a professional player playing games of luck.


Professional Sports Bettor

A professional sports bettor knows how to take the element of luck out of sports betting. How to turn it into a profession.

A professional sports bettor will not win money on every bet he place. That is not his goal. His goal is to win more than he loses. The secret to doing this is to only bet if the odds are in your favor. On events where the odds offered by the sportsbook do not reflect a team or athletes true chances of winning. By getting his money in at the right time the professional sports bettor is able to win more money then he loses. He is basically doing the same job as the people setting the odds for the sportsbook. He is just doing it better.

The key to being able to be better at predicting results than the people setting the odds are to make sure that you know more than they do. This will require dedication and effort. Being a professional sports bettor is hard work. You have to love what you do to be able to stay motivated and on top of your game. Being a professional bettor is a labor of love. There are many easier ways to earn money if you do not truly love, live and breathe sports.

Being a professional sports bettor can be a fun, exciting profession if you do truly love, live and breathe sports but it is not a profession I would recommend to anyone.


Semi-Professional bettor

It is possible to win money as a sports bettor without becoming a professional bettor. I am referring to this as being a semi-professional. To become a semi-professional you have to be willing to devote an hour or two a day to your craft, but you can still have a regular job and a regular life. You do not have to devote yourself entirely to sports betting.

The key to becoming a semi-professional sports bettor is to specialize in, and only bet on, a very small selection of events. You can focus on one less popular sport or on a lower league. These are less popular to bet on, and the people setting the odds will, therefore, spend less time and energy setting the odds. It is easier to find odds that offer great value when betting on these sports and leagues.

The fact that the people setting the odds spend less effort on getting it right on these games makes it easier for you to know more than the sportsbook. It makes it easier to be able to see when the odds are set incorrectly and then bet on these games to make money. A couple of hours a day might be enough to make sure that you know more about these sports/leagues than the people setting the odds. These less popular sports or leagues often offer less betting opportunities than the popular leagues but you should have no problem finding enough games to bet on to make a decent profit from your sports betting side hustle.

Sport betting systems

You often see websites promoting sports betting systems that promise to earn you money with little to no effort. None of these systems work. They are all scams. There are no short cuts if you want to become a successful sports bettor. The only thing systems can do is to help you manage risk. But this does not matter if you are unable to spot the right bets to place. Risk management can help turn a winning bettor into a more successful bettor. They can not turn a loser into a winner.

Some sport betting systems are relying on bonus arbitrage to help you make money. Bonus arbitrage does work (as long as you do not get caught). But it is not without its risks, and there is no reason to pay for the information as information about bonus arbitrage is freely available online. I feature an article about is on this page.